For a profitable website: Since 1998, we have carried out several projects in Canada, United States and Europe, some of them very large, such as Trevi Pools, Colas America, WorlBizData, Square Strategy, Atlas Strategy, Trevi Manufacturing, etc... which have thousands of pages Views per month. Our Internet marketing department is able to develop an effective and measurable marketing strategy for the design of your website. We have knowledge in SEO of websites and expertise in search engines such as Google and Bing. Your customers are on the Internet ... and you? We have a stable team of Internet programmers, Internet project managers, graphic designers, database managers and ergonomists. This multidisciplinary team is able to offer the diversity of expertise required to complete your Internet project. The Intellisoft Group has a 7/7 Support Department. We help our customers to realize their Internet project in a global way: internet marketing, programming, website optimization, graphics, planning, database, etc... It is impossible to do a good SEO job without intervening in programming. This is why SEO is closely linked to programming.

Web sites

The design of your website will comply with the highest Internet standards, including the XHTML and W3C standards. Your site will also be fast and efficient. Your website will be tested on all the platforms of the market (PC, Mac, Linux), thus ensuring the best possible accessibility. We guarantee the respect of the delay of putting on line of your Internet site. You will know the total cost of the realization of your project from the start, the estimates being always flat, regardless of the number of hours of work required.

Social networks

The common mistake many companies make in social media is to hurry to create a Facebook page or a Twitter feed without proper planning. Possible results range from waste of resources to poor performance. A social networking strategy is essential if you want your investment to pay off. Using our team, we determine the main goals of your social media presence to attract more customers and promote brand recognition.


Undoubtedly, the web is the best way to communicate in order to target your current and prospective customers. The web is your best marketing strategy to promote your business or your products. A web strategy is an indispensable complement to combine with your traditional marketing activities. Your site does not appear in the search engine results, we determine the improvements to make and we do an audit of your SEO. Our SEO experts are there for optimizing your site.


Your company has a website, but it is difficult for you to make it live, to put in place a news, an article, a form. You do not know how to do where you find some difficult tasks. The Intellisoft Group can take care of updates and maintenance of your website. We support all websites designed with the most complex programming languages. The updating of a website is a long procedure when one lacks mastery. For us, professionals of the web, it is our daily.


Social networks are websites or platforms that bring users together in online communities. They mainly provide communication between individuals who share the same interests. As part of a marketing approach, the term social networks generally refers to all the websites used to build up a network of friends or professional knowledge and providing their members with tools and interfaces for interactions, presentation And communication. The best known social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadeo, Pinterest, etc. Youtube can also be considered partly as a social network insofar as the service has developed tools for interaction between its members. The success of the audience of the main social networks has made marketing and advertising media often unavoidable. A sociological definition of social networks is obviously wider, but is not the object of this site.



Your site does not appear in the search engine results or in the depths of the ranking? To determine the improvements to be made, it is preferable to carry out an audit of your referencing. This service must be done with care and will require the advice and expertise of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts. Why choose Intellisoft Group to reference its site? Because the expertise and know-how of our SEO specialists and SEO analyze the competition and adopt a relevant SEO strategy. When the structure of your website is optimized, it will be necessary to write contents adapted to the search engines but still remain "readable" by Internet users. Trust us !


Optimize its site for natural SEO. If pre-auditing your site reveals that its structure is obsolete or poorly designed, it will first need to be optimized or rebuilt. The hierarchy and the structuration of your contents is an essential point to the success of your natural referencing. Write content relevant to the search engines. When the structure of your website is optimized, it will be necessary to write contents adapted to the search engines but still remain « readable » by Internet users. SEO is not a method of truffling texts of a multitude of keywords or bypassing Google's recommendations. A conscientious referent (White Hat) is an alchemist who finds the right balance in the writing of your contents.


Unlike natural SEO, commercial links require paying the search engine or promotion system in addition to the provider that will manage the link campaigns. It is a system of credits that are allocated for a campaign and which will be counted at the click, each time a user clicks on an advertisement. Adwords, commercial links, sponsored links or promotional links, the principle remains the same, the advertiser is billed according to the clicks generated on his ad. The main interest of commercial links is that they guarantee a fast and optimal presence of the site in the search results (and provided that the budget allocated to the advertising campaigns is sufficiently important).


The Intellisoft Group helps you to implement an effective natural referencing strategy which is necessarily a profitable investment! To build a natural referencing strategy, we respect the following points: targets, objectives, keywords and content... To put in place a strategy of natural referencing based on the production of quality content, the Intellisoft Group proceeds in the following way:

  • Identifying your targets,

  • Define your goals,

  • Choosing the right keywords,

  • Produce optimized content,

  • Measuring results,

  • Implement corrective actions.