SEO is a concentrate of technique and know-how that makes it possible to position one or several pages of a website in the best positions of a search engine. SEO (Search Engine or Experience Optimization) solidifies your digital presence by working on multiple levers of visibility. Thoroughly plan major changes (launch, redesign, etc.) and optimize the overall search experience, from all platforms, are the ultimate goals that our specialists are pursuing for your organization. To be visible and to interact with your audiences at every point of contact, we refine your presence in local SEO (the nerve of the retail war) and we increase the visibility of your apps or improve your technical SEO continuously. We use data intelligence to help you move from instinct to results. A well-referenced website makes it possible to potentially reach more Internet users and thus theoretically more customers.

SEO Auditing

Your site does not appear in the search engine results or in the depths of the ranking? To determine the improvements to be made, it is preferable to carry out an audit of your referencing. This benefit is carried out with care our consultants who have expertise in SEO. The SEO audit of your site is the most important step before undertaking any positioning strategy in SEO. The audit allows to identify the blocking elements and to provide the corrective solutions to lay the good foundations of a healthy and winning referencing. To help you in your search engine optimization, Groupe Intellisoft offers SEO auditing solutions. Our site analyzer is an engine that scans your site and detects errors that hinder your SEO. Your site will be analyzed in depth. Analysis of the criteria actually influencing the SEO. Comprehensive, detailed and educational analysis report. Export SEO data.

Natural referencing

We optimize your site for natural SEO. If pre-auditing your site reveals that its structure is obsolete or poorly designed, it will first need to be optimized or rebuilt. The hierarchy and the structuration of your contents is an essential point to the success of your natural referencing. We write content relevant to the search engines. When the structure of your website is optimized, we write contents adapted to the search engines but still remain readable by the Net surfers. SEO is not a method of truffling texts of a multitude of keywords or bypassing Google's recommendations. A conscientious referent (White Hat) is an alchemist who finds the right balance in the writing of your contents. A well-referenced website makes it possible to potentially reach more Internet users and thus theoretically more customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlike natural SEO, commercial links require paying the search engine or promotion system in addition to the provider that will manage the link campaigns. It is a system of credits that are allocated for a campaign and which will be counted at the click, each time a user clicks on an advertisement. The commercial link is an ad that appears in search results (SERP) as a classic result, usually in the top search engine positions and with specific formatting. Adwords, commercial links, sponsored links or promotional links, the principle remains the same, the advertiser is billed according to the clicks generated on his ad. The main interest of commercial links is that they guarantee a fast and optimal presence of the site in the search results (and provided that the budget allocated to the advertising campaigns is sufficiently important).

Guaranteed Results

Results on search engines, conversion rates, we perform! : At Intellisoft, we understand that having a site is one thing, but having a powerful website is the thing! You want to have traffic on your site, it must be well programmed and referenced. To do this, a work of programming, texts and keywords is imperative. Our internal programmers know the secrets of search engines and are always on the lookout for new tips to increase your visits and your income. Several strategies can be applied to your budget, audience and promotions, whether through rebranding or a Google AdWords campaign, we'll find your audience and increase your sales. A successful site increases the profitability of your business and its prosperity. As a communication agency or web agency, we can advise you, support you and create your tools.


The Intellisoft Group is born from the desire to offer a reassuring and efficient referencing service for your website. Indeed, the rule in the SEO world is to charge the SEO service but to offer no guarantee of result. At Intellisoft, we do not like absurd rules, so we're jostling them. This is how we developed our offer of SEO of website with payment to the result. Increase the visibility of your website through SEO. Increasing the visibility of your website on the search engines is a mandatory step for the success of your business on the web. Having a nice website but known to no one has no interest; This is why you should use our services to refer your website. Getting new customers in abundance is just a click away. Do not hesitate, you do not take any risk to sign with us!