Social networks

The creation of Facebook pages, Twitter or even YouTube allows, when developing your marketing strategy, to take place on social networks. A Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube page gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand or services and attract new customers. To develop a good webcasting strategy, it is essential to establish a relationship between your products and your audience. Use social networks in your business strategy. Be referenced by the search engines, thereby helping your brand to position itself on the Web. Promote your products on a local and regional scale. Promote events related to your business. Get new markets and retain your existing customer base. Increase traffic to its website.


Social networks are websites or platforms that bring users together in online communities. They mainly provide communication between individuals who share the same interests. As part of a marketing approach, the term social networks generally refers to all the websites used to build up a network of friends or professional knowledge and providing their members with tools and interfaces for interactions, presentation And communication. The best known social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadeo, Pinterest, etc. Youtube can also be considered partly as a social network insofar as the service has developed tools for interaction between its members. The success of the audience of the main social networks has made marketing and advertising media often unavoidable. A sociological definition of social networks is obviously wider, but is not the object of this site.


The Intellisoft Group determines the main objectives of your presence in social media. Is it attracting more customers? Promote the recognition of your brand? Improve customer service? Depending on your goals, decide how you measure your success in social media (eg, number of visits, subscribers and comments, extent to which your content is being exchanged, potential new clients, etc...). And set targets to reach. We ensure that content will encourage your fans and subscribers to interact with your business and ultimately become or remain your customers. To do this, it will have to present the human side of your business and offer benefits to subscribers, such as information, advice or entertainment. From time to time, you can go further and make direct calls to action by asking people to buy a new product, take advantage of a special offer, or subscribe to your newsletter.


The term community management first referred to the management of community spaces as forums, before taking on a more general meaning which is the dominant current. In constant growth and strongly linked to the modern web, community management consists in influencing, monitoring, controlling or defending the reputation of a company or a brand on the Internet or on social networks with a community dimension. The community manager animates and brings together a community of Internet users. His main activity is interaction and exchange with the community. It responds to the criticisms and / or praise expressed by the users with regard to the brand or the company.
Why choose Intellisoft Group to manage your social networks?
For the expertise and know-how of our social networking specialists.
To manage your community on the main networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter...
For an analysis of your social networks and control of your e-reputation.


Social networks have become a promotional tool for business and service providers. It is also via social networks that companies inform their members (followers) of the latest developments in the news. In an increasingly individualist world, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus (by invitation), Linked In or blogs, to name a few, help bring people, professionals, Of customers ... But some are revealed so much that they find themselves almost naked on the Web. Social networks have become a useful tool for businesses. They allow companies to have direct contact with their customers. Most companies have their own facebook page or twitter account where they can inform customers of new products or special offers as well as receive feedback from customers. Social networks offer companies great publicity, in our opinion, this type of advertising is the future!

Social Media Management Service

Today, it is essential to have a strategic presence on social networks. A smart social networking management aims to increase: traffic, conversion rate and community engagement. Whether it is to make your brand shine in the community or increase your sales, we have the solution for you! At Intellisoft, we aim at three elements essential to the success of your presence on social networks:
The strategy and analysis behind each ad campaign and each post.
The relevance, impact and quality of published content.
Managing your online reputation.